Common Core Essentials

Resources to Guide Common Core Implementation

New York City-Student Work and PD tools


New York City has created or adopted common-core aligned tasks and placed them before their students.  The set of tasks as well as anchor student work have been provided to educators everywhere.  This allows not only a sense of the tasks and expectations that are coming, but also a window into how different students negotiate the questions, create meaning, and respond to some of the unique dimensions of these tasks.  Here is the link to this phenomenal resource followed by a couple screen shots from ELA and math:

Common Core Aligned Tasks and Student Work


New York City has also made available a host of PD and planning tools that can aid in the scaffolding of a transition in curriculum, but also a change in teaching practices beckoned by the new standards and proposed assessments.  Here are some links to the PD tools I find most helpful and well done by NYC.

Formative Assessment

Curriculum Mapping

Finally, here is a research brief located on the NYC website that provies the heart of their rational for adoption of the common core:

Download this file

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March 19th, 2015
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