Common Core Essentials

Resources to Guide Common Core Implementation

Delaware-ELA Concept Organizers, Math Progressions, and more


Delaware has done solid work creating resources to support teachers as they interact with the new standards. The resources are built around common templates, example units, and organization of concepts in useful and actionable formats.  I have divided up this post into ELA and Math emphasizing the documents that seem the most unique to Delaware as well as most helpful. Here are some snapshots (ELA and Math) of what you can find there (links to pages are below):


ELA-Homepage for all ELA resources

  • ELA assessment tools:  This link takes you directly two different, but awesome resources. The first set of links on the top half of the page are writing rubrics both for argument/opinion as well as writing explanations from informational texts.  The second set of links (scroll down) is likely even more interesting, because they provide sample questions that attempt to capture the intent of the Common Core Standards.  A pic is below!  A great place for conversation and for implementation
  • Literacy Concept Organizers:  Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will find concept organizers for reading and writing across subject areas.  They provide succinct and actionable statements on the standards as well as good language on how to translate the standards into student products and support classroom practices  A pic is below!

Mathematics-Homepage for Math resources

  • Learning progressions (first list you see from the click above) from k-12 are Delaware’s attempt to not only unpack the standards, but also make the documents walk in the classroom space.  These can be powerful tools in framing the standards for individuals teachers, departments, and district PD.
  • Geometric Transformations Model Unit-Currently this is the only model unit on the website, but it does give a sense of design and scope as well as how to translate standards into a curriculum.
  • Prioritized Standards (scroll down a little): These are a subset of standards that ground the essential understandings and questions for a grade level as well as provide key links across the k-8 and 9-12 spectrum.

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