Common Core Essentials

Resources to Guide Common Core Implementation

California-Excellent Mathematics Resources and ELA Bookmarks


A site for anyone in the building, district, or private sector that is involved in math education.  This particular page from the site is a link to their ever-growing set of resources directly related to the common core; however, the large site will reward anyone who spends time reading and opening its many links.  It is particularly well-suited as source for professional development in mathematics both as it relates to the common core specifically, but also math education in general.  

I can’t help but direct you to their amazing set of resources on fractions–a must see.


Tulare County has done an amazing job, especially in unpacking, translating, and grounding each of the ELA standards into actionable curriculum documents.  They have made templates as well as bookmark size descriptions of the standards.  A wonderful tool for ANY ELA teacher looking to get leverage on these standards.





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Common Core Countdown

March 19th, 2015
Common Core assessments from PARCC and SBAC are live.
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